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International Volunteer Services in Summer 2018: ASEZ University Student & ASEZ WAO Young Adult Worker Volunteer Groups

  • Страна | Южная Корея
  • Дата | 01 августа 2018
New York is not remembered anymore as the crime city although it suffered serious crimes in the 1980s, thanks to the graffiti removal project which reduced not only graffiti that covered subways and alleys but also the crime rate by 75 percent in the 1990s.

When a trivial but positive change continues, it can bring a result better than expected. The volunteer services carried out by ASEZ University Student Volunteer Group & ASEZ WAO Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group in many places of the world during their vacations create good changes, too.

ⓒ 2018 WATV
ASEZ University Student Volunteer Group

ASEZ members visit many places of the world during their vacations to communicate with local university students and citizens and to bring positive changes to the global community. This summer, they formed 36 teams and went to 26 countries. No Crime Together, a crime prevention movement which they initiated for the first time in the Netherlands, Philippines, Argentina, South Africa, and more stand out. It began to build crimeless communities with Mother’s love, with a thought that a person’s change can bring about the change in cities, countries, and the world. The university students prepared seminars and events by themselves. “Every year, at least 560,000 people are killed violently. Each and every person’s change in awareness can prevent crimes and reduce accidents,” they pleaded.

Seminars were actively supported by local police officers, servicemen, municipality heads, government officers, and university students studying law enforcement. “You are playing an important role in protecting the future of mankind. Please keep up the good work,” Manda-luyong Police Chief Moises O. Villaceran Jr. encouraged ASEZ members.

In cooperation with local institutions, the members conducted environment-friendly volunteer services such as street cleanups, reduce plastics campaigns, planting trees, environmental seminars, painting murals, and removing weeds, and visited nursing homes and children’s welfare centers in Malaysia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Netherlands, U.S., Mexico, Chile, India, Ukraine, and New Zealand. In order not to make such volunteer services end as a one-time event, the members established 31 campus clubs authorized by universities, which will help students in each country continue to work with people in charge. “Your activities deserve many people’s attention and encouragement. I hope your passion may be shared with students in Ukraine,” said Petro O. Ben, the vice president of the Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, after watching ASEZ’s efforts.

ⓒ 2018 WATV

Presidential Palace of Brazil invited ASEZ

The Church of God university students visited the Presidential Palace of Brazil in Brasília at the invitation of President Michel Temer on August 28, the Brazilian National Volunteer Day. Around 500 people including government officials were present at the event: President Michel Temer, First Lady Marcela Temer, Chief of Staff of the Presidency Eliseu Padilha, Secretary-General of the Presidency Ronaldo Fonseca, Minister of Education Rossieli Soares, and Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System and the Resident Representative of the UNDP Niky Fabiancic.

The ASEZ university students performed buchaechum (traditional Korean fan dance) at the ceremony. They also presented business name card holders made of mother of pearl, fans, and traditionally designed bags to the president and the first lady, appreciating invitation and introducing Korea’s tradition and culture.

President Michel Temer expressed his gratitude and praise to university students for their active volunteer services and contribution to enhancing quality of life and raising community spirit in many countries as well as in Brazil. “This moment you’re with us feels precious. Volunteer services are about giving your love and care to others. I support ASEZ’s every activity,” said Secretary-General of the Presidency Ronaldo Fonseca.

ⓒ 2018 WATV
ASEZ WAO Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group

ASEZ WAO, a global volunteer group of young adult workers who attend the Church of God, takes the lead in serving neighbors and communities and protecting the environment with Mother’s heart. The members focused on environmental cleanups this summer. All around the world, climate disasters are happening; there are typhoons and floods in one part of the globe, while mega fires break out and canals dry up due to prolonged droughts on the other side.

Various circles point out global warming caused by environmental contamination as a reason for abnormal weather conditions. Noticing that it needs everyone’s awareness and efforts to improve the environment, ASEZ WAO went to 30 cities of 19 countries and carried out extensive street cleanups. More than 1,000 members from ASEZ WAO at each location participated in such endeavors, which was well received by the locals.

Supported by public offices, the members conducted community customized volunteer services such as removing flyers, painting murals, planting trees, removing weeds, cleaning parks, and painting an elementary school gymnasium in Peru, Taiwan, U.S., Bangladesh, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand. ASEZ WAO’s exertions were reported by the local media and recognized by institutions with certificates of appreciation.

The members, who chose volunteer services in foreign countries over relaxing holidays, said their vacations were much better than just resting. “The sun was scorching, but I was happy to see the locals show their appreciation. We do volunteer services without asking anything in return. But I’ve gained a sense of accomplishment which cannot be calculated. It was a great reward. I’m pleased that I didn’t waste my summer vacation,” said Sister Lee Seul-bi (web designer from Seoul, Korea), with a smile, about her time in San Diego, U.S. “Serving the community was the way of spending our vacations. Although it was a little help in a foreign country, I felt refreshed and recharged,” said Brother Jeong Yun-sik (in manufacturing from Gwangju, Korea), with eyes gleaming.

The young adults from the Church of God had a more passionate summer than ever. Equipped with knowledge, vigor, and Christ’s love for mankind based on the teachings of the Bible, they will continue to partner up with institutions, municipalities, and international organizations and carry out voluntary activities to help solve issues our globe faces such as the environment, crimes, and disasters.
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