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Южная Корея

The 44th Overseas Visiting Group Has Flown to Korea From North and South America and Europe

  • Страна | South Korea
  • Дата | 10 июня 2010
ⓒ 2010 WATV
The 44th Overseas Visiting Group visited Korea and studied the truth at the Elohim Training Institute and the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute as well as at the WMC Head Office. They experienced the sacrifice of the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother by visiting Elohim Folk Village and the Church of God History Museum where they could see the history of the Church of God. They also went on a city tour—visiting Chung Wa Dae (presidential residence of Korea) and National Assembly building and tourist attractions around Chunggyecheon Stream and Gwanghwamun Gate, so that they could have time to deeply understand Mother’s land, Korea.

ⓒ 2010 WATV
The 44th Overseas Visiting Group consisted of over 300 members from 74 Churches of God in 20 countries on the continents of North America, South America and Europe: USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. They had a tighter schedule than any other visiting group. Mother was with them throughout the schedule, and planted hope for heaven in Her children’s hearts with the teachings of love.

ⓒ 2010 WATV
ⓒ 2010 WATV
“Fulfill the Ten Talent Mission by saving souls in your country and neighboring countries as well, with one mind and purpose, and become great gospel workers who accomplish the world evangelism.” Inscribing Mother’s words deep in their hearts, the 44th Overseas Visiting Group left for their own country. We asked them to give their impressions.

"I’ve waited six years to meet Mother. I’ve missed Her so much. I was afraid and nervous to meet Mother who is God, but at the moment when She hugged me, I just felt comfortable. I was able to feel how much Mother loved me and how anxiously She had been waiting for me. I’m so heartbroken to think of the reason why Mother has to put on human flesh. Mother always sets us an example of sacrifice. I was a little child who just understood Mother’s love as knowledge. However, after I met Mother, my faith grew up.

Mother’s love is the most essential and important thing for our souls. I want to deliver the love of Mother wholeheartedly to my brothers and sisters, so that they will grow in faith to have hope for heaven, just as I’ve grown up spiritually through Mother’s love. If I forget Mother, I cannot take care of the members even for a moment, nor can I lead them. I witnessed Mother’s love with my own eyes. I will practice Mother’s love which She showed me.”
_ Zurima Perretti from New Hampshire, USA

"It took me five days to arrive in Korea. However, it didn’t matter to me at all. I didn’t care how long it would take—whether a day, a month or a year. I just wanted to see Mother. That’s because it is the most important thing in my life.

The History Museum shows our past, present and future. The history is what God did and will do, and it is also the history of Father and Mother’s sacrifice. Taking a look around the History Museum, I felt the love of Elohim in my heart, which I only understood through the Bible.

Bolivians do not know about Korea well. They adhere to their traditional religion, so they find it difficult to accept the truth about Mother. For all that, I will continue to preach. If I preach once and they do not listen to me, I will preach to them twice, three times, four times, and even more. I want to cry out loud right now, “God is here in Korea, and She gives us the water of life!” Since Mother is giving me the overflowing water of life even at this moment, how can I keep silent?

Korea is the land where Heavenly Father came and Heavenly Mother dwells. In the earthly Jerusalem, there are only conflicts and wars, but our Heavenly Jerusalem is filled with peace, happiness and blessings. I give thanks to Elohim for giving me such happiness and blessings.”
_ Daniel Jose Luis Morales from La Paz, Bolivia

“Being in the arms of Mother, I was really happy, forgetting all the cares and worries of this world. While staying in Korea, I surely felt that this truth I know is absolute, and it even made my heart beat faster. When I go back to Ukraine, I will preach this perfect truth, overcoming my circumstances. At first, I could not realize Mother because my physical eyes obscured my spiritual view. However, the longer I stayed with Mother, the more I was able to realize Mother’s divine nature and Her overflowing love. Now I’m convinced that She is my Mother. I want to convey everything I’ve learned and felt in Korea to people.

The only thing I should do is to sow the seed of truth in every region of Ukraine. The first thing I must do when I go back to my country is to preach the gospel. This is the way I have to go now.”
_ Igor Vladymyrovychy Latshi from Kiev, Ukraine

“I am a grave sinner. Still, Mother always said to me, “I love you.” She gave me courage to do things and encouraged me to bear much fruit. Also, She always smiled at me. Children continually ask their mother to buy them something, and she gives her children unconditional love. Heavenly Mother always showed such self-giving love to us, Her children, and took care of every little detail for us. I was treated like a VIP. There are many verses in the Bible that testify about Mother. I wanted to see Her and receive Her love. Now I’ve received the love, and I feel that She is truly my Mother.

First, I will do my best in my university life in England while preaching the gospel diligently on my campus. There are many foreign students in my university. I believe that if I eagerly preach the Word to them, the light of salvation will spread even to my country and to many other countries where the gospel has not yet been preached. This is the mission Mother has entrusted me with. I will obey the will of Mother absolutely, and preach the good news as a great gospel worker; I will never give up."
_ Michel Ng Ping Cheun from Manchester, UK

ⓒ 2010 WATV
ⓒ 2010 WATV
ⓒ 2010 WATV
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