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Zion in Nepal Walks the Path of Father

  • Страна | Nepal
  • Дата | 01 июля 2003
ⓒ 2003 WATV
A man walking a path of prophet may admire overseas mission, but on the other side he may fear the work. At first I myself worried about different languages and cultures. It seemed difficult to preach Father and Mother and find lost brothers and sisters in a strange land. I hesitated to say to God, "Here am I, send me!"

However, God stirred up my spirit and let me do the gospel work with expectation not with fear. God blessed this weak child to feel foreign brothers and sisters as one family, and helped me to get closer with them. Father and Mother, I give thanks to You so much.

All I knew about Nepal was that it is a country of Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Since I had never been abroad, I hardly imagined the life of others in overseas.

After receiving God's call to mission in Nepal, I went to libraries to see if there was any book on Nepal, but couldn't find any. I flew to Nepal, only knowing that 90 percent of the Nepalese are Hindus and they have their own language. However, God has led me and made all possible.

I still clearly remember the strange feeling I first had there. Idols of snakes scattered in the streets, little and big idols above the altars, red dough called Tika on people's foreheads and various smells pinching my nose...

Nepal was rather 'a country of idols' than 'a country of mountains.' Its population reaches twenty million, and twenty million little and big altars are spread throughout the country. You can assume how prevalent idol worship is in Nepal.

ⓒ 2003 WATV
However, God gave me strength to do the missionary work in this alien country. When I saw brothers and sisters of different language calling the name of Father and praising the glory of Mother deep emotion arose in me. I think this is the source of energy Mother gives for the missionaries working in overseas.

When I landed Nepal, the country seemed to be worn out by severe poverty. Nepalese think Bangladesh is richer than their country.

At first, I took pity on the Nepalese. But as I lived in here, I realized the reason of poverty is mainly because of the Hindu lifestyle not of natural environment.
The Hindus accept the current difficult situation as their karma. They dislike to work and never try hard enough to improve their lots. People sleeping on park benches are easily found under the broad daylight.

Though the members of Zion didn't behave like them, it was still hard to change their view of regarding such custom as normal.

I visited members one by one and encouraged them to reveal the glory of God through their godly life, and told them to let their neighbors know them as God's people. Then the members began to change.

It's now hard to find a member coming to worship in shabby clothes. They always check their appearance and clean up the outside and inside of the church and their houses. Even the members who just get baptized do their best to make themselves decent before God. I believe Father and Mother will be very happy to see these children always seeking and doing things to please God.

The members in Nepal encounter difficulties while preaching the gospel. They are often beaten and persecuted by the Hindus. Though the Caste system lost its legislative effectiveness, it still exists virtually in the real life.

If a member in lower Caste knocks the door of Brahman, the highest Caste of priests, he's strongly refused. Nepalese Brahmans do not tolerate lower class people's preaching a different foreign religion.

ⓒ 2003 WATV
Moreover, during their early days of preaching, our church members went out to preach in shabby everyday clothes. The people who are likely to judge people by one's appearance ruthlessly looked down on our brothers. Nevertheless, they diligently passed on God's words.

At first, I thought it was inevitable for them to preach in such clothing because they were poor. And even I tried to make myself look like an ordinary Nepalese.

However, since I got adapted to the society, I realized it was not a matter of money. And I knew I could easily buy a suit at a bargain price.

I told the members the life of Father who always wore a neat suit and shoes even when he walked rugged mountain roads for seeking His children. And I inspired them to be like Father.

They were happy to hear of Father and resolve to walk His path. We changed, and the manners of people treating us changed too. Those who once kicked us out of their houses now diverted their attitude and listened to us. As we were dressed up in a nice suit they began to pay attention to us.

After preaching the gospel, we return to the church to share our experiences one another. Members shed tears of joy, saying, "Preaching is the very way to reveal the glory of Father and Mother." Hearing them, I myself was also moved to tears.

Many of Nepalese don't know Christmas because they were grown up under the Hindu custom. To bring such people to church, other churches give them money.

Particularly, this phenomena is conspicuous in churches established by foreigners. There are many people going to Hindu synagogue in the morning, and to Christian church at night to get money.

ⓒ 2003 WATV
When the Church of God was established in Nepal, some people came to church to get money. They buttered up our church members, saying they wished to believe the precious truth, and expressed their sadness of knowing the truth late. At first, without knowing their real intention, we believed their words.

However, as they finally knew that our church was not a kind of church buying saints with money, but a church where people gather on the ground of truth and blessing of eternal life, some clamoured that our church doesn't help the poor with money. Finally they left church.

At first, some members fell into temptation, only listening to their fruits who were such a kind of person. But the members soon recognized that they came to church for other purpose, and saw them slander God. Then they came to know that a fruit Father and Mother is pleased with is not this kind of people.

Now we warn people, saying, "If you are to come to church for other purpose, don't come. Our church is completely different from other ones. If you want to go to heaven and believe Father and Mother, then you may come." And we pray a lot and work hard to find good fruits.

God is answering to our prayers. The Church of God in Nepal is being filled up only with wheat. I give thanks and glory to God for permitting me a rich land of gospel, Nepal.
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