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New Jerusalem Cultural Contents Awards Ceremony 2017

  • Страна | Korea
  • Дата | 10 декабря 2017
ⓒ 2017 WATV
It is hard to find a visitor to Sertung, Nepal, as it is located at a remote place in the Himalayas. Its residents learn the Bible through many types of translated publications. Busy office workers in Manhattan, U.S., squeeze in some time for a Bible seminar and learn the providence of God in salvation. The church members in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost tip of South America, watch videos to witness the gospel work in Korea at the other side of the world, and strengthen their faith.

Preaching and educational materials become more important as the mission to preach to seven billion people is being carried out rapidly and churches are being established not only in cities but also in the backwoods across the globe. Accordingly, the Church of God holds contests for publications, videos, and presentations to discover talents and produce contents.

New Jerusalem Cultural Contents Awards Ceremony 2017 was held at New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in Korea on December 10. It is an integrated awards ceremony of the 18th Melchizedek Literary Awards, the 3rd Elohim Video Festival Awards, and the 3rd Bible Seminar Presentation Awards. It was attended by over 1,300 people—awards winners, finalists, and the members who have contributed to the gospel work in various fields such as literary club members, scientific advisors, writers, editors, photo and video reporters, translators, and student journalists.

ⓒ 2017 WATV
1부 예배를 통해 사명감을 되새긴 참석자들.

The first part of the ceremony was the worship service that began with Mother’s prayer of blessing. Mother gave thanks for giving God’s children opportunities to work for the gospel and display God’s glory around the world, and asked all to exhibit their talents given by God and have a key part in saving souls. “The truth is being spread speedily thanks to publications, videos, and materials. It is as if you yourselves go to every corner of the world and preach the gospel. Your efforts become gospel fruits on this earth and enormous rewards in heaven. Take pride as the members of God’s household, who are approved by God. Carry out the mission and receive the blessing of eternal life, without exception,” Mother encouraged (Rev 22:12; Gal 6:7–8; Eph 2:19–20; 3:6–7).

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol defined the greatest work as “preaching that God in the flesh did with sacrifice and devotion for our salvation” and took Biblical figures as examples. Elisha was a farmer, Peter was a fisherman, and Matthew was a tax collector, but they performed the greatest work as they were called by God and obeyed God’s word.

“Those who have done the greatest work will be glorified and become the royal priesthood. We may have difficulties, but let’s overcome them with understanding about the value of blessings and leave great results by using God-given talents wisely,” said Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, emphasizing that making gospel tools are also part of the greatest mission (1Ki 19:19–21; Mt 4:18–22; Ac 9:1–5; Mt 28:18–20).

After the service, the awards ceremony began. The awardees went up onto the platform with their full hearts, and Mother congratulated each and every one of them, presenting award certificates. Attendants gave them rounds of applause and cheers. Their expectations for the next contests were shown through their festive smiles.

Several works were displayed at the place of ceremony: A Girl’s Wallet, an animated award-winning essay, In Father’s Absence, an award-winning short film, and a collection of presentations. Award winning-works from the first video festival were shown at an event hall. The attendees, who could understand once again the contents’ power and influence through various genres, determined to contribute to the greatest work through contents that arouses Zion family members’ gospel fervor and enlightens seven billion people about the value of the truth.

The 18th Melchizedek Literary Awards
The entries were submitted three times—in April, June, and August, 2017. A considerable number of members from Korea, Brazil, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and so on, participated in the contest, and 35 winners were chosen from each category—essay, short novel, column, rhetorical writing, children’s story, and illustration. Award-winning writings may be published in the Elohist.

The 3rd Elohim Video Festival Awards
There were 574 entries from Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, South Africa, Nepal, U.S., China, etc. in semi-documentary, short film, New Song music video, animation, UCC, advertisement, and cartoon sections. Thirty-three entries, including witty ads and UCCs, and a short film that contains a solemn message with an outstanding picture, were selected as winners.

The 3rd Bible Seminar Presentation Awards
For about two weeks, from August 15 to 31, 2017, 115 teams and 53 individuals from Korea, U.S., Singapore, Peru, Philippines, Zimbabwe, and so forth submitted their entries. A variety of topics were covered—from Biblical subjects based on historical or scientific materials to manners and church introduction. Seven individuals and seven groups were honored to become winners.